Paris Fashion Week with Marimekko

Fashion Week in Paris

Bonjour! Alexandra and I decided to spend Fashion Week in Paris celebrating my 25th birthday and also taking epic pictures with a custom-made Marimekko dress! About a year ago we had the first idea go to have a photoshoot in Paris.

As my birthday was coming we decided to book Norwegian flights and just go for it. The dress got ready the last night before we left and everything was ready for an adventure!

Note: this is not a paid ad - just some magical moments with the epic print and celebrating colors and Finnish design.


Something bold,
something colorful
and something Finnish

As we are both half Finnish we feel strongly that Finnish brands should be more bold, colorful and international. Finland is the “strange” Nordic country with sauna, Moomins, heavy music, salmiakki and so on.

The problem in Finland is that it has always been seen as the lesser version of Sweden and we believe that if we continue trying to be as black and white Nordic as they are — we will always be seen as the runner-up.

Finland is the strange Nordic country with sauna, Moomins, heavy music, salmiakki...
— Omar

Finland is full of colors, colorful brands, and ideas. This Marimekko print that Alex wears is designed in the year 1964. So we have some history of bold colors and fun even that so many try to promote Finland as a grey country with a black and white design.

So we wanted to create something special and show the world something colorful, something bold and something Finnish! <3

Let’s start our colorful journey at the Pullman hotel Tour Eiffel!


Staying at the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

The hotel has maybe the best location in Paris if you wish to enjoy Eiffel Tower - and the night light show is sooo epic from the balcony. We still can’t believe it was real. *.*


Then something magical happened

The wonderful hotel hospitality manager spotted us with the dress and we kindly asked to get access to the rooftop - and they were right away fulfilling our dreams!

Also, the reception staff lady was so amazing that we felt sad to leave. But now the rooftop! The rooftop space is used for seminars and weddings etc. and luckily it was free while we were staying! So before we realized, this happened…


Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel George V

It is said to be the best Afternoon Tea in Paris by bloggers and other influencers and I can agree! We had a really special time and we made all hotel guests really happy with the dress haha.

We heard the hotel guests saying “OMG I am so happy that I came here today to see this dress” and “You look so fabulous!” - you never hear that kind of talk in Finland. :D

5G6A3571(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3600(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3612(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3615(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3602(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3578(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3640(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3610(Omar & Alexandra).jpg

Princess moments with Four Seasons

We fell in love with the entire world of Four Seasons George V - Alex felt like a real life Princess. <3

They have also a wonderful Instagram.

5G6A3757(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3672(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3776(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3686(Omar & Alexandra).jpg
5G6A3649(Omar & Alexandra).jpg

Walking on Champs-Élysées

When we stepped out from taxi - people started immediately taking pictures of Alex! Everyone from old ladies to children were amazed and happy to see this dress.

Soon we found us in a situation where everyone stopped Alexandra to take pictures with her and asking our contact information.


Montmartre with different dress

We felt that no other dress we had with us were as magical, but decided to try one at the Montmartre hill!

We woke up super early and were lucky enough to get there before everyone else. The weather was perfect because it weren’t sunny so the tourists didn’t get up so early and we had all the space to ourselfs.


Louvre at the twilight

We had so little time but we had short visit at Louvre and next time we will definitely book more time for this place. *.*


Dancing next to Arc de triomphe

Behind these me taking pictures everyone were taking IG stories and pictures of Alex dancing around - because everyone else had a boring grey/beige outfits on even that it was Paris Fashion week.

Finnish design can steal the show!

Iconic Eiffel Tower

Perfect morning light, Marimekko dress and sunny Alex - what more you can ask?


Let’s celebrate magical moments

We return to Paris next spring to create more magical moments and travel around the world promoting Finnish and international brands and making this world a bit happier with one colorful picture at a time. <3

Next Spring we will be creating a bigger even more fabulous colorful campaign in Paris and other European destinations.

The campaign will feature known Finnish fashion brands as well as other exciting Finnish companies. We are so excited to already be planning this and cannot wait until we get to share this colorful journey with you!

I hope you enjoyed our photo journey in Paris and see you on my Instagram!
Comment below or tell me on Instagram what you think we should do next time and who should we work with? xox